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We know that your Business is continually required to adapt, innovate or respond and this is why we are determined to help your organization reduce the technology costs and build a competitive advantage through the innovative application of new technologies. Our experience has demonstrated that the alignment of people and technology will help organizations better meet the ever changing business needs and will allow you to expand connectivity with clients and business partners.

Work with Solution Providers, Not Product Resellers
Small to medium Businesses need guidance to navigate through an increasingly complex maze of technology options available for accelerating business growth and improving efficiency. They do not need an IT consultant who is trying to sell them a product. ECKO Systems & Consulting avoids conflicts of interest by not selling products but only solutions. This allows ECKO to align technical expertise with the best interests of its clients. IT consulting and product selling can lead to a situation where the proposed solution is built around a predetermined technology rather than the genuine needs of a small business.

The People Factor is Key to Success

The big factor that enables your Business to stand out and differentiate itself is its people. Innovation and well trained employees are key factors in strengthening an organizations competitiveness. Employees are a companys most important asset, since they are responsible for the mix of resources and circumstances in a company.
We know that the technology is practically worthless unless people are equipped with the know-how, and the willingness, to use it. Those who cannot use it confidently, whether groups or individuals, will become increasingly marginalized within the modern business environment. If you want your people to achieve more, you need to inspire, direct, motivate and support them better than you, or your competitors, do it today.
This is why our projects often start with a short consulting and training session. Through this engagement we are aiming to provide an experienced and impartial view on those technical issues that need to be resolved.

Keep it funky and go with the flow: CMS
Content Management Systems mean just keeping up with the fashion in web matters for some, but for others it gets vital to use one in order to gain the maximum benefit from having a web site these days.

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Optimize your IT infrastructure: Virtualization
Virtualization enables workloads such as server consolidation, efficient software development and testing, resource management for dynamic data centers, application re-hosting and compatibility, and high-availability partitions.

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